Ali A. 

“This is my new favorite product. I love that I can easily dose the powder and the uptake is much shorter than other edibles. It’s perfect for my morning yoga sessions. Thank you!”

Sandra k. 

“Potent in power, subtle in taste. This light powder dissolves in your mouth and whisks you away. It’s unlike any other edible I’ve had - so light and delicious, so much in so little. First it’s like eating a cloud, then it’s like being carried away on one. I love it.”




"MONDO has really changed the way I medicate. It's incredibly easy to dose a little at a time throughout my day. As someone with anxiety and bipolar disorder, I choose to stay medicated on low levels of THC to keep myself calm.
Micro dosing with THC products keeps me off medications that would in many ways worsen my condition. Mondo has helped me to regain control of how I dose. The 5 mg measuring scoop makes it easy to learn my personal dose-age. It’s the easiest thing I'e ever micro dosed. Mondo is effective, uplifting, and easy
to cook with. I can even just mix into a smoothie."

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