Mondo is an all natural dissolving cannabis powder. A powdered tincture, this gentle and functional high is the perfect accompaniment for productive lifestyles. Crafted from the highest quality flowers grown from a single source organic farmer, this product is guaranteed to be free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. 

Made from Blue Dream flowers. A perfect mix of balanced full body relaxation with a gentle cerebral invigoration, users will find that it is appropriate daytime medication. 

Mondo Powder

Increase your emotional stability without compromising your intellectual ability.


We want to empower you to find your MED, or Minimal Effective Dose. 

          This product is specifically designed to allow people to feel a sense of euphoria                  and alleviate intrusive anxious thoughts all without losing focus. 


Benefits of Mondo

Fast acting

Effects can be felt as quickly as 15 minutes. This allows users to titrate the perfect dose, without over doing it. 

Precision dosing

Each jar comes with a 5 mg scoop. 

Great Tasting

The powder is slightly sweet with a hint of cacao. It disappears on your tongue or melts into your favorite recipes. 


Award Winning

Best of 2016 Edibles List Magazine Winner

1st Place - Best Drink Mix 2nd Place - Most Innovative 3rd Place - Best Coconut Oil Based Edible


ALL natural Ingredients

low In CalorieS, SUgar and FAT


Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cacao Butter, Tapioca Starch (Maltodextrin), THC

Nutritional Information

Calories per serving (1 scoop) : 2.5 calories, Total Fat: <1g, Total Carb: <1g, Sugars : 0g

Cannabinoid Content (per jar/per scoop)

THC (200mg/5mg), CBD (3mg/ <1mg), CBN (1mg/<1mg)